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Work Agreement Items

Work agreement items

Respectful Customer...

When you need one of JEDDAH ART services , you have to check the policy followed as follows:

1)     we do not host the sites that are not approved by our Islamic instructions such as singing sites , and does not allow making singing or films or video clips also we are against the wrong advertisements.

2)     Acknowledge to not spread sites breaches the Islamic rules , Quran or Sunna.

3)     When installing , designing , the amount which is going to be paid , should not less than the total amount agreed , and the amount balance after your approval, when you refuse the service , you have no right to claim any rights paid.

4)     JEDDAH ART has the right to cancel the site in the case of dues on the part  of the participant , if he is not pay within two months at maximum , we have the right to possess the site as a whole , in order to recover our rights.

5)     You have no right to claim any design amendments after agreed and approved unless by additional amount as per the required amendment.

6)     When there are any notices or mistakes to the service presented , you have to notify us though a period not more than one month from your service beginning , either a design or other service , but after the specified service , we have the right to claim an amount against any amendment.

7)     It is not allowed to install and use the mail lists skrbitats on the server or even or outside the server of other sites , as an advertisement, because they are prohibited internationally.  SPAM can stop the site and the breaching site will be closed without any notification.

8)     When penetrating your site or emission of the design by you or other one , you can claim the design installation with a fee of 150-300 SR. according to what demanded.

9)     Concerning the designs , it is not allowed to remove the design rights unless by our approval , and the rights removal fee is 30% of the design price.

10)      In case of breaching one of these conditions , you will be contacted and noticed so as to apply the conditions , granting you a chance, if you are not reply to our notices , we will close your site and you have no right to claim any amount for the hosting or the site development.

11)      When the customer require a site design or a program development, or any other service other than hosting, JEDDAH ART should close the site if the design or program installation value are not paid.

12)      JEDDAH ART is not responsible for the injuries your site exposed to.

13)      When breaching JEDDAH ART conditions, you will be exposed to a financial fine estimated by JEDDAH ART management according to the damages resulted from your breaching conditions.

14)      You should acknowledge to not breach the American law and other international regulations, because of the servers availability in America, they may cancel your site at any time when you injure their facilities and interests.

15)      It is not allowed to use and fix scripts or proxy exceeding programs on your site, if we find this script , we will cancel your site.



These conditions are representing the clear way of cooperation with you that we like to keep you aware of what should  be done to host your site or a program design or installation , we consider you agree of these conditions , when breaching these conditions , we notify you and taking the necessary procedures.

We have the right to amend these conditions.


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